Network Card Won't Start on Bootup!!

Network Card Won't Start on Bootup!!

Post by Richard » Thu, 01 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Well after about 2 gallons of coffee, 2 temper tantrums and a loss of
hair I *FINALLY* managed to upgrade to 6.0 and get EVERYTHING TO
WORK!!!! *BUT*

It seems that my 2nd network card doesn't want to load automatically ..
I need to go into linuxconf and tell it to 'activate changes' and then
it loads JUST FINE, and my /etc/rc.d/rc.local file (which has all my
ipchains command) won't self-load (might be a problem that it won't load
because it cannot find eth1 ..), I need to type  :

source = rc.local

to get the blasted thing to work! .. which it does JUST FINE

Indeed the "Active at boot" is selected (my eth0 boots just fine), and
the card works when I tell it to boot manually!!

HELP ME! .. OBI-WAN you are my only hope! =)

Thanks folks, and PLEASE email me directly on this!




1. LPRng/slackware 3.3, lpd won't start properly on bootup...

G'day all...

I'm wondering if anyone has had a problem like this...

I've got two machines running slackware 3.3, and have found that lpd doesn't
start properly on bootup on the print server machine.

For example: if I boot the machine with the printer on it, whilst LPD _is_
running, any attempt to print gives the following:

stubbsy /home/paul 13 > ps -aux | grep LPD
daemon     101  0.0  4.4  1412   676  ?  S   14:20   0:00 LPD          
stubbsy /home/paul 14 > lpr .cshrc
stubbsy /home/paul 15 > lpq

 Queue: 1 printable job
 Server: no server active

 Rank   Owner/ID                   Class Job  Files               Size Time    

Now, if I unspool the job, kill LPD, then restart it with /usr/sbin/lpd,
any prints after that work fine (ie, my printcap file is configured

Has anyone had a problem like this before? I didn't ever have any problems
with lpd back before slackware started supplying LPRng..




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