netatalk works with ISA ethernet card but not PCI card -- HELP

netatalk works with ISA ethernet card but not PCI card -- HELP

Post by Paul Roge » Thu, 08 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Any ideas that my solve my problem are appreciated:

I have been running netatalk 1.3.3 with kernel 2.0.30 on an AMD K5 based
PC using an NE2000 compatible ISA Ethernet card.  Everything seemed to
work fine.  I recently purchased an SMC EtherPower PCI Ethernet card with
10BT, 10B2, and AUI ports.  I managed to get the BIOS to assign the new
card a unique IRQ (9) and modified the driver code to make the BNC
(10Base2) port the default port (which is what I am using...)  Netatalk
(atalkd etc) appears to be starting up properly but my Mac cannot see the
server in the finder.  Everything worked fine with the previous NE2000
card, but quit working when I changed NICs.
Also... I am only having the problem with netatalk.  I am able to use many
other network tools/programs such as telnet, ping, ftp -- even IP
masquerading works with netscape, news readers, email, ftp, etc... all
working just fine.  Only Netatalk does not work.

Any Ideas?


(please email your replies as well as posting them for others, thanks.)


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