Diminishing returns ;-)

Diminishing returns ;-)

Post by clea.. » Tue, 16 Sep 1997 04:00:00

I got an error from deja news so I am posting this again....

I am having a very strange problem with a linux firewall.  The
perfomance starts off normal, but every day the pl across the firewall
increases by about 5%.  So after a week it is about 25% and after 2
weeks it is at 40%. The bandwidth follows starting at 1.5mb going down
to 800kbs after one week and 300kbs after two weeks. (*pl= packet loss)

  Here are the specs:
  Pentium 100
  3 smc ultra cards
  Gated (alpha)
  kernel 2.0.30

Some extras:
Gated adds about 160 routes.   After it has failed, I have tried
restarting the firewall, gated, and killed every process I could find
till there were only 8 left and I still got the pl.  I HAVE NOT (I will
try this this week after it shows problems) downed and upped the eth
device or tried removing all the routes.   Also system performance seems
sluggish on the console.

Any ideas what the problem might be?  I have been able to duplicate this
same scenario on another machine with different hardware, not gated and
not the 160 routes.  I was using firewall software and a 2.0.28 kernel.
I have looked through news and can't find anything related to this type
of problem.



1. TRAV: diminishing returns

I have been lurking for a bit now, and am struck by some parallels in
arguments linux supporters use to those used by advocates of of a
computer language / OS I use.

And I have to wonder, are some of the issues/arguments for PRO linux use
going to become obsolete soon? I mean, several years ago there were all
sorts of tuning and performance enhancement tools for my technology based
on the fact that processor power was low. Hey, when you have a pdp-7 or
111 or a 286 computer, hsing algorythms may save tons of process cycles.
But today, with pentiums and MIPS and RISC, those old hoops we jumped
through have become useless.

The same goes for disk capacity and memory. As gig harddrives and cheap
memory becomes more and more cost effective, is linux losing some of the
"edge" it had?

and what's left as a benefit?

Interested, not argumentive,



"First .cultured man on the Internet"

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