rh6.2, changing IP address gets destination host unreachable

rh6.2, changing IP address gets destination host unreachable

Post by Steve Prio » Mon, 21 Aug 2000 13:07:13

I've tried on a couple of Linux boxes to change the IP address and
subnet of a working machine and it doesn't seem to work ever.

I have two Linux boxes:

roamer: IP addr, netmask
linux:  IP addr, netmask

I'm getting ready for a DSL installation, so I put a second ethernet
card in linux with an
IP addr of  This machine can now ping it's own

To test the network configuration, I used linuxconf (the one that comes
with rh6.2) to change the address of roamer to

Now when I sit at roamer and try to ping itself at it
works.  If I try to ping I get destination host
unreachable even though the two machines should be on the same subnet!

I've tried a couple of times to change the IP address of a running rh
6.2 box to a different subnet and it has failed every time, but a clean
install to the new address works.

Are there any known problems with linuxconf that prevent it from
changing IPs correctly and anyting that I should tweak manually

Thanks in advance
Steve Prior


1. ICMP Destination Unreachable (Host Unreachable) [**] [Solved!!!]

Hello to you all.

I had some problems with the IDS alerts in snort regarding the subject
of this post.

 ICMP Destination Unreachable (Host Unreachable) [**]

Well, it seems to be solved here, and I did solve it like this.

1. go to your adsl/router
2. fill in dns properties from your dhcp dns server the correct dns
domain name of your host.
3. save this configuration.

And you are not longer troubled with the ICMP unreachable host

It is finally a bit quiet in te logs, and also the spp portscan
activities are gone.

Still I am curious how this exactly works, and if my solution helped
some of you, and if it is a correct solution I have applied???

Because maybe I am introducing a security related flaw, what I don't
like ofcourse, because maybe it was alright that the Snort IDS was
generating these alerts.

Well, I hope some of you will send a reply to me with some
backgrounds, and some advice if neccesary.

Just send a copy to my e-mail address if it helped you, or you have
something to say about this post.

Have a nice day you all!

Wouter Jan Wessels.

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