Problem with ISDN under SUSE Linux 6.2 ...

Problem with ISDN under SUSE Linux 6.2 ...

Post by Horst Hanse » Sun, 03 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Hi netters,

perhaps can someone help me with the following problem:
Half a year ago I installed SUSE Linux 6.0 on an old PC
of mine using it as an ISDN-Router.
Last week I upgraded the system to SUSE Linux 6.2 .
Afterwards I could not get my router to work again.
Whenever I tried to start the ISDN connection I got the
error message from insmod when trying to load isdn.o:
"device or resource busy".
When looking into /var/log/messages I just found the
identical message but nothing else. So I had no hint
whatever went wrong.
Next I installed SUSE Linux 6.2 from scratch (new install).
The result was identical.
Then I tried to configure the network by hand.
This again produced the same error message.
PS.: The error does not - as I think - result from an
IRQ conflict. I looked into /proc/interrupts
and found that IRQ 11 wasn't used. So I configured
my ISDN card (Teles 16.0, not pnp) to IRQ 11,
MEM 0xd2000 and IO 0xd80 - identical to what
it was with SUSE Linux 6.0.
The only other network card I have in my machine is
an ethernet card.
Of course I looked into all the documentation
coming along with SUSE Linux for configuring ISDN cards,
but I found no clue.

Please answer directly to my email-adress:

Looking forward for any hints.