PPP 2.2.0c - my experiences.

PPP 2.2.0c - my experiences.

Post by Andrew Fost » Sat, 04 Nov 1995 04:00:00


I was unsuccessful compiling PPPD 2.2.0c on my 1.2.13 machines.  I compiled
1.3.35 on the machines and used PPDP with it.  Just follow the instructions
in README.linux included in ppp-2.2.0c and all should work.

Hope this helps people who are having trouble - also I've found the 1.3.35
kernel's to be quite stable.


Andrew Foster


1. ppp 2.2.0c and linux 1.3.42 freelist prob.

Rick> I built the linux 1.3.42 kernel and the pppd 2.2.0c, but once I
Rick> connect I get a message like: block 0x???? on freelist that isn't
Rick> free.  over and over...and I can't do anything until I terminate the
Rick> connection.

Works for me -- it used to happen in earlier kernel release though. Are
you sure that's definitely 1.3.42?

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