Help: IP-Masq and Diablo

Help: IP-Masq and Diablo

Post by John Donah » Mon, 26 May 1997 04:00:00

  Does anyoen know how to get diablo to work with IP-Masq?   I have
been able to find out that it uses port 6112 for UDP  but is there
anyway to get the connection to be redireted to the Win95 machine?

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Help: IP-Masq and Diablo

Post by Brooke Pa » Mon, 26 May 1997 04:00:00

  Check out ipautofw or ipfwadm.  They should do what you need.



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I've played locally at my pc Diablo and a friend of mine have also bought
diablo and we played it in my little network (ipx). It was a great fun, but
it's much better to play it on the Servers with more players.  
One pc alone is working at , but is it possible to use Linux's
IP-Masquerade to connect 2 PC to the Internet to play Diablo ?
It's not a copyright question, because I and my Friend bought their own CD
(that why we can play in the ipx net :-) ). It's more the network/ip
question with IP-Masquerade.

Thanks alot,
PS: please send the reply directy to me , i'm not subscribing the linux

PPS: For German NewsGroup: Kurz meine Frage in Deutsch:
Ist es m?glich ber IP-Masquerade und zwei PC's ber eine IP-Leitung in
Internet zu connecten ? WWW , FTP etc. funktioniert ja , das ist klar, aber
geht Diablo (Internet Spiel von Blizzard) ??
Bitte schickt direkt an meine Email Adresse, das ich die Linux Groups nicht
  Daniel's Luftgekhlte VW Seiten
  Daniel's Aircooled VW Site

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