backup interface

backup interface

Post by Lin Baughe » Wed, 07 Apr 1999 04:00:00

i want to have a dial-up connection to my isp serve as a backup for a
dedicated lease line connection. i.e. my modem would dial-up when the T1
goes down.

does anyone have any ideas on how this might be accomplished.




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Hi all,
During the client installation, I configure so that all the clients
are running the daemon "/usr/sbin/nsr/nsrexecd -s backup -s backup2".
The backup server has two network interfaces called backup and
The usage of the second interface is hardly any.
# netstat -ni
Name  Mtu  Net/Dest      Address        Ipkts     Ierrs  Opkts  
Oerrs Collis Queue
lo0   8232      3001477    0     3001477   0  
  0      0
hme0  1500   601802621  4     261315655 0  
  0      0
hme1  1500   383168     0     323       0  
  0      0
I think it is because of the same MAC address of the two interfaces.
If I give a different MAC address on the second interface would the
backup clients send data through it?

I had a look at IP multipathing it only does the outbound load

Thank you in advance.

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