FS: O'Reilly-Apache The Definitive Guide

FS: O'Reilly-Apache The Definitive Guide

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Apache is the most used web server on the net.

First edition, March 1997. In good condition, with a few creases, but
otherwise intact. Glue on the spine might be a little worn. Comes with
complementing CDROM which was never used.

It's $34.95 new, but will sell for $15 or best offer. Shipping is


1. 2nd ed. of O'Reilly's "Apache: the Definitive Guide"?

Has anybody seen the second edition of "Apache: the Definitive Guide"
yet?  (Written by Ben and Peter Laurie, published by O'Reilly.)  Or even
a well-written review?

Amazon.com lists it as not yet available but scheduled for release
later this month.  They've got a mixed bag of slams and praise in the
reader responses to the book, but the dates make it clear that at least
some of the responses must be referring to the previous edition.

I personally was disappointed by the first edition and didn't feel it
quite lived up to the O'Reilly standard, but I had hoped the second
edition would be better.  Anybody able to say whether it is?

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