2003-04-16 / GPRS and T-Mobile.de

2003-04-16 / GPRS and T-Mobile.de

Post by Jochen_Ha.. » Fri, 18 Apr 2003 01:18:01

So you want to use your GPRS capable mobile phone as a modem
to your portable PC running Linux
and maybe your mobile phone services provider is T-Mobile.de, right?

I went through that configuration hell before,
trespassing a period of frustration,
and I gained some experiences, that we may share, if you want so.

Have a look here:



1. T-mobile GPRS data networking support (GC79)

I'm trying to switch my house's networking to using the GPRS data service via
T-mobile and the Sony Ericson GC79 card.  Using hints from I am able to make a
connection, and establish my laptop as a router/NAT box:

However, several hours down the road, the device seems to lose the ability to
handle routing, presumably when it renegotiates the IP address via DHCP, and
gets a different IP address.  Sometimes I can get the card to come back to life
by using kermit and resetting it via modem commands.  Is there anybody who is
using the GC79 as a router that is up for a long period of time and can give me
some pointers?

Also, sometimes after a couple of hours, the card goes completely dead.  I
assume this might be the S3 suspend issue that was fixed in the kernel
mentioned in:

Right now, I am using a Fedora core 2 kernel that I compiled.  Has anybody used
a recent kernel with the above patch applied with the GC79 -- did it help with
stabality and such?

Any other pointers would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Note, in terms of internet I also tried Verizon wireless bandwidth, but the
Boston area support doesn't reach out to my neck of the woods.  There is no
cable to the houses on my side of the lake, and I am too far from the CO for
DSL.  At the moment, I have a fractional T1, but it is rather expensive.

Michael Meissner


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