Q: Router/Firewall tester

Q: Router/Firewall tester

Post by Bernd Nie » Tue, 22 Sep 1998 04:00:00


I have to write a software under Linux that is able
to do the jobs described below:

|   Router   |A
|            +----,
|  Firewall  |    |               ,------------------,
'--+-----+---'    |               |     Linux PC     |
   |C    |B       |               |                  |
   |     |        '--- send ------+ eth0             |
   |     '------------ receive ---+ eth1             |
   '------------------ traffic ---+ eth2             |

A PC with three Etnernet adapters shall test a
router/firewall what gets through and what not.

From interface eth0 different packets are sent via the
router's port A to different IP addresses on subnet B.
On interface eth1 it will be listened what gets
through the firewall and what not.

To test the router's behaviour under load, traffic
is generated on interface eth0.

Now here come my questions:

1) How can I send packets via eth0 to the subnet B
   which is connected on eth1? Normally, the packets
   are sent directly to interface eth1, I suppose.

2) Is it possible to write directly to an Ethernet
   port and what is the most suitable way to do this?

Thanks in advance for your kind support.



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Hi to everyone,

I have the following configuration:

LAN ----> SnapGear Firewall ----> ADSL Router ----> Internet

I would like to re-use an ISDN router to setup a failover connection to the
Internet, like this:

LAN ----> SnapGear Firewall ----> ADSL Router ----> Internet
                                               ----> ISDN Router  ---->

I belive I've the following options:
1. static routes with different metrics and dead gateway detection: this
only  work if the firewall - ADSL router connection goes down, does not work
if the ADSL router - Internet connection (the one I'm concerned about) fail.
2. dynamic routing protocols, (ie gated or zebra) which should work but are
not installed on SnapGear...

It seems to me it can't be done with this hardware...
Maybe someone has a brighter idea ??? :-)

Kind regards,

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