Kernel-nfs working, plain nfs not working.

Kernel-nfs working, plain nfs not working.

Post by alw » Thu, 25 Sep 2003 08:14:01

I have an interesting problem:

I need to run the user nfs daemon, so I shut down the kernel nfs
(nfsserver) and tried to load plain ol' nfs --> /etc/init.d/nfs start.
However I'm getting the following message:

"Importing Net File System (NFS) mount: RPC: Program not registered"

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!

SuSE 7.3/Bash
__| Thanks! |__


1. NFS nfs://myserver/usr/share/public NOT Working?

I have installed and configured NFS server to export /usr/share/public

<myserve/> running on Mandrake Linux 8.1 Clients are
running on RedHat Linux


I am able to mount exported share /usr/share/public on local file
systems of clients using
   mount -t nfs myserver:/usr/share/public /mnt/public
But when I use Konquerer Web Browser to access this NFS share using
It says Authorization failed...

My /etc/exports file has one entry as follows :
# /etc/exports
# I've also tried this
#/usr/share/public      *

However, smb:// work properly in Konquerer. Where I am


Software Engineer,
Daffodil Software (P) Ltd.

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