PPP to ISP and null-modem CSLIP conflict

PPP to ISP and null-modem CSLIP conflict

Post by Ray O'Lear » Sat, 30 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I have two linux boxes linked by null-modem and a CSLIP connection.  I
also have a PPP dialup link to my ISP.  Whenever I use the CSLIP (a
connect on demand type setup), PPP won't work.  If anyone can help, I
would really appreciate it.

More details are:

1) System 1 has a modem on /dev/cua1 and the null-modem on /dev/cua3
2) System 2 has the null-modem on /dev/cua0
3) I've tried IP Masquerading, and it makes no difference (in fact, the
problem occured before masquerading was installed).

I'm stumped ... please help.



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I have two computers with RH Linux 6.2 and one modem.
I have configured the first PC with NetCfg to connect to my ISP via PPP.
Now, i have connected the other PC to the first one with a NULL-MODEM serial
cable, and i'd like to share its Internet connection via that serial line.

I think i need to configure a PPP-Client on the second PC and a PPP-Server
on the first-one, but i dont know how to do it...

I also dont understand what is the name of PPPD's dynamically created
"network device"... how can i see it?

How can i do that?
Can you help me?

Please forward the replay to my e-mail, too.

Thanx to all!

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