Wavelan trubble

Wavelan trubble

Post by Jerome Corr » Wed, 03 May 2000 04:00:00


I have two wavelan turbo 11Mbs card and want to set up a network with
two computers. I use RH 6.1 on both pc, and ISA to PCMCIA adapters. I
have installed the wavelan2_cs.o module from wavelan.

Unfortunately something is going wrong! and I don't know what. when
the pcmcia module start I get one high beep and then one low beep.
when I use the command "cardctl ident" it seems that the card is
identified correctly.
My problem might come from the IP address, gateway, network mask and
network address. I don't understand what number to use so I just left
the one already in the "/etc/pcmcia/network.opts" file. Any idea what
number I can use, or anything I can try to find out what is going wrong?

please help


Jerome Corre

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        Hi, I'm running Minilinux with a 1.2.13 kernel (to make it work) and I
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Apologies if this has an obvious answer but I hadn't even seen a unix box
until last friday (I think I'm doing well). :D


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