Apple airport extreme and linux

Apple airport extreme and linux

Post by JaazzMa » Wed, 03 Dec 2003 07:20:18

Hi. I'm wondering if the Apple Airport Extreme is compatible with linux.
Have you created an Access Point with it? please tell me.
My second question is about the antenna. Must be an apple certificated? or
I can use any other antennas from the market?



1. Apple Airport & Lucent WaveLAN - Airport Freezing

I just got my RH6.1 machine working with my Apple Airport. Everything
works but after some 5 minutes or so the airport will "freeze", with
all lights on green. This has happened twice tonight in about 10
minutes of prolonged use.

I am running the lastest 1.1 software from apple.

Is anybody else seeing this kind of behaviour? btw it does not do this
with the iBook.



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