RH5.0, masquerading problem Win95 -> Linux -> Internet

RH5.0, masquerading problem Win95 -> Linux -> Internet

Post by Cat's Ey » Tue, 07 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I have 1 pc with Linux (server/wrkstn, and 1 pc with Win95
Linux pc owns a modem. The pcs are lan connected.

When I used RH4.2 with masquerading installed everything worked fine
(Win 95 was 4.0.950)

I recently installed RH5.0, patched the patchable, added the
"ipfwadm..." lines into rc.local (same as previous installation, those
usually seen around) then reconfigured win95 (also upgraded to 4.0.1111,
latest OSR2) with the same data (DNS on the dns search order, gateway=my
linux box).
Things don't run.
Linux goes out fine, Win95 talks fine with Linux, winipcfg.exe tells me
gateway is configured correctly for the lan adapter, resolv.conf
contains the same dns ip addresses of win95, I didn't setup Netscape/IE
on Win95 to look for a proxy (they weren't before, so I left things

In rc.local I wrote (according to what suggested by the programmers of
ipfwadm, see the site www.xos.nl/linux/ipfwadm)
ipfwadm -F -p deny
ipfwadm -F -a accept -m -P tcp -S -D
ipfwadm -F -a accept -m -P udp -S -D

If I exec ipfwadm -F -l the static info is
IP firewall...
acc/m tcp       anywhere         any -> any
acc/m udp       anywhere         any -> any

When I run Netscape in Win95 asking for a site (e.g. www.microsoft.com)
the request should be redirected to Linux, so ipfwadm should masquerade
the information.
If I exec ipfwadm -M -l the dynamic info is
IP masquerading entries
So it seems that nothing comes to the attention of ipfwadm (However the
local net is ok: local telnet, ftp, web, samba).

Now the question: Did I forgot something or something changed about
Linux and/or Win 95? Needless to say, help is well appreciated.