X.25 over ISDN to HP BRILINK

X.25 over ISDN to HP BRILINK

Post by Stefan Dreye » Fri, 04 Jun 1999 04:00:00


a customer of us, is using an HP BRI Link Router for connecting to an
external house. The Brilink is using X.25 encapsulation. He asked me,
wether it is possible to connect to the brilink over X.25 with an
Has anyone experience with this combination?


Stefan Dreyer


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I was wondering if Sun supports X.25 access over ISDN D-channel?

If so, what packages are needed? I've got Sunlink X.25; would I
need SinLink ISDN instead of/as well as Sunlink X.25?

What does the software interface look like - similar to Sunlink
X.25 (I use the NLI interface)?

Andrew Gabriel
Consultant Software Engineer

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