Alternative Linux Masquerading Code

Alternative Linux Masquerading Code

Post by Charles Mot » Sun, 12 Jan 1997 04:00:00

For those who might be interested, there is an alternative implementation
of Linux IP masquerading at

The history behind this is as follows.  In the BSD world, kernel level
masquerading has always been looked upon as ideologically impure, yet
there is quite a demand among users for this function.  Since masquerading
had been banned from standard FreeBSD kernels, I wrote a user mode
solution for iijppp (user ppp).  This software gained a certain following
among the FreeBSD community and the function was ported to non-iijppp
interfaces by a programmer in Finland, who used a 'divert' socket

A month ago, I was asked by an ISP if I would be interested in porting the
software to the Linux kernel.  I did this as a learning experience and am
placing the results on the internet.

Because of the exile to user space imposed by the more totalitarian BSD
world, the packet aliasing code (yet another name for masquerading or
network address translation) was almost by necessity portable.  This is an
interesting contrast to the Linux masquerading code, which has proven more
difficult to port (somehow the greater freedom of the linux world resulted
in a more intractable interface).

This software has been tested on Intel and Alpha platforms.  The kernel is
a modification of 2.0.27 obtained from

Charles Mott


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Hi all,

I have an rh 5.2 machine and a windows 98 machine.  I have an ADSL
connection to the internet with a static ip address.  I am interested in
setting things up so that both machines have full access to the internet.

I have been using ip masquerade on the linux machine, and it sortof works.
There are things that I want to do on the windows box (netmeeting and icq
for example) which will not work correctly when it is going through the
linux machine running masquerade.

Are there ways to set up ip masquerade to handle these programs?  Or, are
there alternatives to ip masquerade that will allow both machines to have
access to the internet?

I don't get a chance to read newsgroups often, so please send responses to
me via email as well as posting them.

Any help would be appreciated.


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