Newbie Firewall/Masq question

Newbie Firewall/Masq question

Post by Gary Ise » Tue, 19 Oct 1999 04:00:00

I'm using RedHat 6.0.  I have my LAN configured using eth0. Telnet and  FTP
and both working well.  I also have ppp0 configured on the Linux box. I'm
able to connect to my ISP using ifup ppp0. I have read various HOWTO's and
visited site but I'm uncertain
about which files to edit and create given my configuration. I'm not sure if
my ppp0 interface is using pump or dhcp. Do I need to setup one or the other
first and then setup an rc.firewall script? Any help would be greatly

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Hallo to all th NG,

I have some experience with linux as Standalone  workstaion (+ internet)
but now I have to configure an old Pemtinum 133 to be a
router -firewall between an ADSL (over ethernet) Internet connection and a
Windows-based network. The problem is that I'm  a  Newbie concernig linux
Networking so I need some help.

As documentation, I've already download  some HOWTO (Config,
Ethernet,Firewall,IPCHAINS,NET-3,NEtworking Overview,PPP and Unix-internet
Fundamentals). Do I need Some other (Maybe something about Masquerading I

Is there any website  which could help me? Is There some Book or pdf or
other kind of Documents which could help (in particular about which ports
are to be be closed or open?)?

Have any of you  some useful tips for me?

I gladly accept  every kind of help!!


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