Susu5.3: PPP dial-in from Win95

Susu5.3: PPP dial-in from Win95

Post by Ulgrie » Thu, 14 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I want a PPP connection form a windows95 computer to my Linux (Suse 5.3)
computer. Can anybody tell me what I have to do?

1. PPP: Win95 PPP Dial-in Kills my Sun

I have set up PPP for Solaris 2.4 (without any major patches
to Solaris). I have tried out the dial-in link with a Macintosh
and everything works fine, i.e. I can access the Internet with
no problem. When I dial in with a Win95 system my Sun either
dies or totally freezes up. I can't log any of this in asppp.log
because the system dies almost immediately after a link by the
Win95 system is attempted.

I'm lost on this one. Any ideas? Would Sun's jumbo patch
perhaps be the fix?

...John Criswick

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