Using apache with dynamic IP address

Using apache with dynamic IP address

Post by Justin Rain » Thu, 30 Jan 1997 04:00:00

        Hi all.. Is there any other way to start apache when I have a dynamic IP
other than manually going into the .conf file each time and editing it? I
know I could write a shell script.. If there is no other way I will write
the script..

Thanks in advance,

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1. Anyone using Mobile-IP combined with PPP and dynamic IP address ?

Has anyone tried to use Mobile-IP combined with PPP and dynamic IP
address ?
(maybe it's not possible at all)

I would like to integrate my Linux Workstation at home, connected via
and dynamic IP address to the internet, into the Linux network at work.
The network at work consists of a server with a register domaine name
and two
eth interfaces, one for the outside, and one for a local network.
is used to allow local workstations the internet access.  I would like
to see my workstation at home as one of these local workstations, if it

I tried something with tunl0 interface (as described in NET-3-HOWTO),
i had no success.

Is there any way to do this ?

Thanks for any help!
 Ulrich Leodolter
 University of Vienna, Institute of Psychology


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