EtherLink XL Cardbus -- 3C575-TX -- very slow.

EtherLink XL Cardbus -- 3C575-TX -- very slow.

Post by Michael A. Pagel » Sat, 20 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I'm running RH 5.1 2.0.34 with pcmcia-cs-3.0.3 which contains what I
believe is the latest 3c575_cb driver (0.99).

For at least 90% of reboots I achieve a network transfer rate of about 7
KB/s, far below what I'd expect over a 100 Mb/s fabric.  This is so slow
that NFS (yes I'm using large buffers) is convinced that the connection
keeps dropping (though I've been measuring transfer rate via ftp).  With
10% of the boots I get the screaming speed I've come to expect.  strace
of an ftp session seems to show the read on the network socket as being
the bottleneck.

Any suggestions on how to track this down further?

FWIW:  IBM ThinkPad 380XD, 266 Pentium Pro, TI 1250A CardBus

Thanks in advance.



1. 3com PCMCIA Card (3com Fast Etherlink XL 3C575-TX)


        I'm a newbie with FreeBSD.

        I try to use an ethernet PCMCIA card (3com Fast Etherlink XL 3C575-TX).

        I succeeded in compiling the kernel for use of PCMCIA (another modem
card works fine).
        But the 3Com card doesn't seem to work.

        Is my /etc/pccard.conf obsolete? Is ther anything else to do?

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