TIA/SLIP Problem

TIA/SLIP Problem

Post by Glen McCo » Thu, 04 May 1995 04:00:00

I'm trying to set-up a SLIP connection to my internet service provider
who is running TIA. I'm using DIP to make the connection and that seems to
work correctly. The problem I'm having is with name resolution. I can do a
nslookup on a host and I get the IP address fine. When I try to ftp to the
same host, it just hangs. If I ftp to the same host, but use the IP address
instead of the name, it works correctly. Here are some of the configuration
files from /etc, does anyone have any hints?


[hosts]       localhost       ruby.infonet.net ruby   ins.infonet.net ins

order hosts,bind
multi on

domain infonet.net


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Have any one down here any experience with TIA?
I can establish a SLIP through TIA, but the name server doesn't work.  I
believe I have the correct entry in /etc/resolv.conf.  If I just use IP, I can
get to the net.  If I just give name, it seems like the name server doesn't
response.  What's the problem?  Thanks for any information.


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