Need Multi-Serial (4 -8) Port device w/low-level synch access - Any leads?

Need Multi-Serial (4 -8) Port device w/low-level synch access - Any leads?

Post by Keith P. Keshl » Thu, 08 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Have Checked with Boca, Cyclades, and RocketPort but no one has all


1. Low-level access of SoundBlaster cards.

I have written a simple piece of code (3 lines) to read the output gain
from the mixer on a SoundBlaster 16. I use outb() and inb() to access the
port, and include asm/io.h. The program compiles OK (with -O option),
but gives a segmentation fault when run.

Obviously, I cannot access the port directly, what is the correct method?

Please point me in the direction of a suitable FAQ/README.

Please Email your responses if possible.

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