IPCHAINS: Forwarding packets to specific devices

IPCHAINS: Forwarding packets to specific devices

Post by Daniel Smit » Wed, 26 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I need to route packets from one internal IP address to a different device
than from another IP address.  I have two PPP connections and two ethernet
clients.  I want both clients behind the firewall, but to use separate PPP
connections so that the speed will remain...



1. ipchains: How do I forward packets from a specific port to another machine?

Hi. I am currently using Red Hat 6 as my server.  I have ipchains
setup to route packets to and from my internal LAN.  What I am trying
to do is the following: I have a Solaris 7 machine on my internal LAN.
I can telnet to the Red Hat machine from any computer that is
connected to the internet.  If I want to telnet to the Solaris
machine, I have to telnet to the Red Hat machine first and then telnet
to the Solaris machine.  Is there a way to setup the server to forward
a specific port to the the Solaris machine?  I have experimented but
have not been able to figure this one out.


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