Bother..PPP problems..

Bother..PPP problems..

Post by Ray Van Dols » Sat, 26 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I'm having a bit of trouble getting my PPP connection to my ISP set up with
Linux.. once I had it working, but I got new hard drives and such, and decided
to completely reinstall... anyway, here's the script that I once used to
connect to my ISP (given to me by a friendly admin)

pppd connect 'chat -v ABORT BUSY "" ATZ OK ATDT8924700 CONNECT ""' /dev/modem
38400 -detach crtscts modem defaultroute +ua stuff

Where stuff has my login and password.  It dials just fine and connects, but
the problem is, it just won't log on.  Normally (from NT) when I log on my
ISP, there's a definite pattern to the lights on my external modem... however,
when using the above script, it connects, and then pretty much just my SD
light (send data) blinks every now and then for about a minute and them I'm

Just in case, I recompiled my kernel with PPP 2.2.0f support, and installed
the latest binaries from sunsite... I even downloaded pppsetup 1.7 or
something (a script to help set up PPP) but with that script, it won't even
dial my modem.. just kinda sets there.  

I've read the HOWTOs, I've even got the Linux Network Administrator's Guide
right here next to me... (so I'm pretty sure I have all my files set up
correctly, resolv.conf, HOSTNAME, etc..)

If someone could help me out, I'd be most enthralled, otherwise, I gotta use
NT for Internet :(


Bother..PPP problems..

Post by wrait » Tue, 29 Jul 1997 04:00:00


 pppd crtscts modem mtu 296 mru 296 noipdefault defaultroute connect
'chat -v ABORT BUSY "" ATZ OK ATDT8924700 CONNECT "" ogin: my_name word:
my_password' /dev/modem 38400

This *should* work for a standalone machine (dunno 'bout a network and
You may need to play about with the bit from CONNECT to my_password
depending on the login peocedure (you can use seyon in X-windows to see
your login procedure.

Hoope this helps a bit. If it don't mail me.

Yours Wraith.


"Weaving a Wicked Web"


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