funny looking news post (was Re: Possible bug in IP bridging in kernel)

funny looking news post (was Re: Possible bug in IP bridging in kernel)

Post by MaRTiN WhIt » Fri, 17 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Quote:> >><DT>Fellow Linux users:</DT>

> >><DT>&nbsp;</DT>

> Yeah, what the hell has been going on lately?  I've seen more and more
> messages posted in what looks like HTML.  Why do so many people feel the
> need to complicate a simple text message?

> JT

because to most people the internet is not text but a bunch of
pretty pictures and pretty wordys formated to please the eye not
stimulate and enrich the mind.

     ___        Signed,
    /  /__      Martin -Hyper Boy- White
   /______>                    Blade 'til you can't Blade anymore...
   ()()()()                    Then go code some in Linux...


1. Possible bug in IP bridging in kernel

Well, this would be a wonderful post if everyone was using the same
newsreader as you. Your newsreader is broken by design and default. Your
post is massively redundant in content and will not display properly for
anyone using a text based newsreader. You can turn off this broken, pseudo
HTML by configuring your newsreader's defaults.

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