Cable Modem & NT Server & Proxy Server!

Cable Modem & NT Server & Proxy Server!

Post by Ashwin Biha » Tue, 25 Aug 1998 04:00:00

For a long time I had been struggling to get my Linux(Redhat 5.1) machine
to see the Internet through my Proxy Server.

A little background: I have Mediaone Express CableModem server and a NT
4.0 Server connected to that machine, I have 2 NIC's in that machine, one
to connect to the Internet through the cable modem and the other for the
local network which hosts about 4 or so machines at any point in time. 3
of them are Windows 98/NT machines, and only the 4th(mine) is a dual-boot
NT and Linux machine. I was use MS Proxy Server to handle the proxing and
needless to say with the MS Proxy Client installed on the various client
machines, everything was fine!

I could however use Netscape in Linux by physically telling it about the
Proxy server address and the WWW Proxy. I was told that by enabling the
SOCKS server on MS Proxy, and getting SOCKS'ified versions of Telnet and
FTP and runnin the SOCKSD on my Linux machine I could connect to the
Internet, needless to say I couldnt even get SOCKSD to compile let along
anything else to work.

I finally trashed MS Proxy(a very good move on my part, for the fact that
it needs the CLIENT software for it to work properly which limits the
platforms that can use it) and got Wingate. Wingate is good cuz you dont
need any client software to be run on the clients to use the proxies.

Another change I went through was made the NT 4.0 server a Domain
Controller, this ofcourse has no change in the Linux environment, but I
just thought I would mention it.

Now in the Linux world, I setup the /etc/resolv.conf to look like:

search ludvig

Ludvig happens to be my Server name, Wingate has the DNS service which
*SHOULD* be installed.

Now all you need to do is make sure you can get your Ethernet card working
in Linux nad ping the server by "ping" in my case and in the
other direction as "ping" from the server. Once that pathway
is all set, the changes in the Netscape in Linux is the same as in
Windows. Edit the proxies part and enter the info.

For Telnet and FTP, you telnet and ftp into the server and then out, so
this is a two stage process, atleast for now, unless I can figure out how
to do directly. So to telnet, I would "telnet ludvig" and then at the
"wingate>" prompt, enter the desitation address I want to go to, with FTP,
its similar, you do "ftp ludvig" which gives you the "(ludvig:root):"

from there on it looks exactly like a regular FTP session.

For ICQ in Windows 95/95/NT you use the SOCKS5 proxy, so I assume that for
the Linux JAVA ICQ, its a similar case, but I haven't used this so I cant
be sure.

To use Lynx, you just modify the /etc/lynx.cfg file and enter the

This is more or less the procedure I went through to get my Linux, Redhat
5.1, machine connected to the internet through a NT 4.0 server machine
running a proxy server!

Redhat 5.1 -----> NT 4.0 server(Wingate) -----> Internet


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