Xircom CEM56-100 pcmcia modem/ethernet card

Xircom CEM56-100 pcmcia modem/ethernet card

Post by Nick Rui » Sun, 11 Nov 2001 04:05:17

I am running a standard RedHat 7.1 distro on a Sony Vaio (PCG-F360
model), and I am trying to get a Xircom CEM56-100 dual purpose
lan/modem pcmcia card to work.

After mucking about with KPPP, I opened the terminal (KPPP's internal
one ) to /dev/ttyS3/ to watch what was going on. Unless I kept my
finger pressed on the <ENTER> key, the data would not be written to
the terminal. Once I kept my finger pressed on ENTER, the data being
written to the terminal made sense.

Has anyone out there gotten one of these modems to work? Again, I
reiterate that I have all of the required kernel modules and serial
drivers. I can communicate with the modem, but the modem doesn't make
any sense! :)


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I'm trying to install RH8 on a wimpy Toshiba 420CDT (40 megs ram) with a
PCMCIA Xircom CEM56-100 card. I want to install from an NFS share and thus
need network support from boot floppy. I don't find it on the bootnet.img boot
disk either. Any clue on how to resolve this?

Is Xircom available from /any/ linux-distro at all?

Thanks in advance.

Jakob Breivik Grimstveit, www.grimstveit.net/jakob/

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