needed - network tool live cd with sshd

needed - network tool live cd with sshd

Post by Mark » Mon, 08 Jan 2007 17:09:12

I have a laptop that's got a video problem
so I can't see the display.  The distro
that's on it doesn't have sshd configured
on it.  So the problem is I can't see the
screen to log on or see diagnostics and
I can't just plug the laptop into a network
via ethernet to see what's wrong because
the sshd isn't setup.  So my best idea now
is to find a live cd that can be configured
on another machine with a static ip, with
sshd setup so I can just boot the CD blind
and log in via the network.  Is there
such a thing?  It also needs to be able to
save the network and daemon startup configuration
on the CD on the other PC because I can't type in the stuff
after boot up (can't see the display).



1. need a live CD with sshd already loaded and a passworded acct

I have a laptop with a broken display and the display broke before
I could get the networking setup on it's Fedora core OS.
So if I just power it up and let Fedora boot, I can't get in
via the ethernet since it's not setup. And I can't read the display.
So I want to put in a
CD live distro that will boot up with the sshd already configured
to run by default and so it has a valid user password.
I want to have ssh so I can log in via ethernet, then try
to see if I can get a hint of what's wrong with the hardware
(the display just shows random pixels)
I downloaded dsl-n (damn small linux-N) and I don't see how you set it
up to save it's configuration so I can just put it in the drive,
power up the laptop and not have to type in a cheatcode (which
I can't see with the broken display).
I think I might be able to guess when the "boot:" prompt
is waiting and type in the "ssh" cheatcode:

boot: dsl ssh

this does launch the  sshd   in daemon mode for incoming ssh
but the problem there is I still don't have a password so
I can log in !
If someone knows of a better network-able live CD that
has ssh and a pre-setup user account so I know the password
before I try to boot, that would help a lot.

I even tried mounting the dsl-n iso file via loopback to hack the
passwd file to contain a pre cooked up password for the "dsl" user
but the problem is that they pack all the stuff into this big
"KNOPPIX" file that I don't know the format of, you don't see
a tree of dirs with /etc/passwd in it.

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