Bandwith quota's

Bandwith quota's

Post by Don » Tue, 05 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Anyone knows how I can limit the transfer of a user to a fixed limit?
For example I want user "joe" to only transfer 30mb a month...
Anyone knows how to do that?

Or does anyone know how I can see how much someone has send and received or
something like that?

Anything which can do something like that will do....
As long as I can see how much is send or received....

If you know anything like that PLEASE tell me.....



1. Bandwith Limiting / Download Quota's - How?

ok, I'm running a Linux system as an internet gateway for the LAN.
I want to put bandwith limits [ie; 5k/sec] on certain LAN IP addresses and
set download quotas [ie; 50mb/day] on certain LAN IP's...

Result being for example: can only download at a max of 5k/sec and has a limit of 50mb

How can this be done???


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