: ftp throughput and socket priority over a CSLIP link?

: ftp throughput and socket priority over a CSLIP link?

Post by H.J. L » Tue, 07 May 1996 04:00:00

It seems the newer kernel is geared for interactive network
traffic. The ftp throughput has dropped signicantly although
a ftp session won't make telnet unusable over a CSLIP link with
a newer kernel.

But when there is only a ftp session, most of bandwidth, more
than 75%, is wasted. I only got about one forth of the ftp
throughput under a older kernel. Is that a bug or something
I did wrong? BTW, I am running 1.3.97.




1. low outgoing throughput over CSLIP

few days ago, asking for help on improving outgoing throughput of TCP
over CSLIP.  Alan Cox responded with e-mail, suggesting that I try
"pl15f or later (preferably pl15j or later)".  I put pl15j on both my
CSLIP server and client, and now I have comparable inbound and outbound
TCP throughput.  Thanks to Alan.

 bounced.  Hope you get your problem resolved too with pl15j.
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(510) 602-2036 x2112               Concord, CA 94520

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