RHL 5.1 proxy server for NT help

RHL 5.1 proxy server for NT help

Post by Vincent Calcaterr » Wed, 18 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I have a Red Hat 5.1 box and an NT 4.0 box both set up with nics, and I
can ping either box with either, and can telnet to the Linux box from
The Linux box is set up with a PPP connection to my ISP. I'd like to set
a proxy server on the Linux box for the NT box to access internet
addresses. I've read the NAG, but I'm not sure exactly how to proceed.
like to read some additional information on how to do this, and
if my kernel will support this. Any information, URL's or other pointers
will be appreciated.


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1. Help setting up multiple mail domains in RHL 5.1.

I'm reasonably new using Linux so...
I've set up the mail program to receive mail for 2 diferent domains on
my machine. The problem is that all users can receive mail from both
domains, for example johh is a user on the machine and if I mail

should only be able to receive mail for the first domain.
Any ideas on how to fix this?
Can it be done short of adding a user "trash" whos mail gets forwarded
to /dev/nul and editing the alias file so that john at domain 2 gets
sent to trash??? This would be ugly since there are about 300 users...
Thanks in advance.
PS. Email responses are prefered.


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