Network configuration

Network configuration

Post by Richard James Du » Fri, 18 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Hi, I'm a new user to Linux and had a problem with setting up my
ethernet network connection.

I have a PCI fast ethernet DECchip 21140 based adapter, and I believe
it is made by DEC itself.  Per the HOWTO, I loaded the tulip driver
module into my kernel.  That worked fine, all the error messages on
boot up disappeared.

I set up the TCP/IP settings, which I am sure are correct, since I
have been using them for quite some time with Win95 networking.

My computer will ping itself fine, so I know that the loopback
settings are at least working fine.  However, the computer
refuses to connect to the outside world.  I cannot even ping my

There is no apparent reason for this error, I get no error messages
on boot or anytime else (even the "network unreachable" message
has disappeared).  I am running dual OSs with Win95, and can
connect just fine with 95.

A possibly related symptom is that running "netstat -a" does not
work as expected.  It prints out the setting for local and loopback,
and then locks up, forcing a ^C.  I'm sure this is not its correct

If anyone has any clue as to what's been causing this problem,
I would really appreciate a reply.  Thanks in advance.

                        Richard Dunn


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Please excuse a question from a complete unix novice.  We have a Win2K
network (the server and all clients are Win2k) and a E250 running
Solaris 8 on which resides various databases etc.  Until recently the
network was set up a certain way using TCP/IP and static addresses for
all boxes.  We recently re-built the network (in the logical sense)
changing the address of our Win2K server, our subnet etc and using
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address on our Unix box and connect to it from the Win2K machines?

Thanks in advance

Rod J. Stewart

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