Connecting RH 8.0 using AT&T Dial up

Connecting RH 8.0 using AT&T Dial up

Post by Dan Wrig » Fri, 17 Jan 2003 09:25:00

I have been trying to use Internet Wizard and KPPP to setup my
internet connection. I have RH 8.0 and an AT&T dial up account. My
system recognizes my modem (U.S. Robotics PCI internal) fine and
attempts to make the connection. I get the following message:
 "Exit status 16"
 "User domain missing/unknown/inhibited"
 "CHAP authentication failed"

 Any help?  Thanks.


1. Troubleshooting intermittent PPP dial-up failures using ISDN (USB connected) TA on SuSE 8.0

I have a query regarding a problem which is plaguing my Linux dial-up to my
ISP. I am running SuSE 8.0, I am going over ISDN using a 3Com ISDN Pro TA
external TA/modem connected via USB.

I use kppp as a front-end dialler, ppp client. To debug I keep the debug
window open during connection attempts. 80% of the time the PPP connection
fails even though the modem has clearly physically connected to the other

What I see in the debug window when things fail is just after the modem
init and dial out succeeds instead of waiting and receiving a "CONNECT"
message string from the ISP a string of punctuation chars beginning with
tilde ~ and very similar set of other punctuation chars are echoed.
I think these are LCP negotiation messages but the downside is that the
modem never makes the far-side PPP connection.So, I am wasting dialup
time with no PAP authenticated PPP session in existence. When the PPP
does succeed (approx 10-20% of the time) I see a "CONNECT 64000" message
in the debug window and subsequently the kppp window minimizes and
hey presto I am connected.

What I'd like to know is if some PPP/Linux guru could tell me what
general class of problem I might be seeing. Then at least I could
get closer to finding out what is wrong with my configuration.
I am stumped even though I have ploughed through a lot of the
Linux HOWTOs for ISDN/PPP,etc. Maybe its a flaky USB support issue
for SuSE. The kernel is 2.4.18 which is pretty recent. Also
I found an update for ISDN for SuSE 8.0 which I applied the other
night and it does diddly squat in terms of solving my woes with
hit and miss PPP connectivity.

Any suggestions or pointers would be warmly received.
Assuming I am connected ;)


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