Private tld ?

Private tld ?

Post by Geoff Shor » Thu, 06 Jul 2000 04:00:00

This seems like a semi-faq, but I'm not sure...

I've got a network, with private ip addresses.  At the moment each
machine has /etc/hosts with all the hostnames listed.  Now I want to
set up a dns server -- is there a recognised top level domain which
can be used for private systems?  Or does everyone just invent one?

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1. Q: Connection private Net with private Net to Internet


I have a problem connecting a private network via another private
network to the internet.

my-net: 192.168.0.x
isp-net: 10.20.x.x
gateway to isp is
I tried to connect my-net with a freeBSD machine and 2 NICs to the ISP-
net, but i wasnt able to get connection from my-net to the isp-net.
from the freebsd machine no problem to get to my-net or isp-net.
i installed netd, set getway="YES", set default route to the isp-
gateway, compiled kernel with firewalling options, customized squid (i
have to use the isp proxy (MS-Proxy 2.0 :( ) to get outside) with a
I tried all the tips&tricks described in the documentation, but i
wasn't able to get a connection from my-net to the isp-net or the
internet via squid.

has anyone a tip where the problem might be, its quite frustrating
after 3 weekends trying to establish connection.

thx, tom

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