SLIP routing won't work.

SLIP routing won't work.

Post by vp24n.. » Tue, 05 Sep 1995 04:00:00

First, ignore my previous post.

This is my setup: <-----CSLIP/SLIP---->
                                                        |(campus ethernet)

The problem is I can only talk to, nowhere else,
and nowhere else can talk to me. sees, pings ok, telnets ok.

I'm using dip to make the connection to the sun box, and the
cslip-sunos4 package on, and I connect via a 28800 modem
and use the slip-attach program on to initiate the connection.

I used to use the PC-NFS sunslip package, and it allowed me to connect to
all the suns on the local network. We were attached to the campus ethernet
this year to access the internet, and the netmask was changed to
from, and sunslip won't work any more (all I get is memory

Can anybody tell me what sunslip did that was so special?
The sunslip and slip-attach binaries are the same size, but
sunslip needed no arguments (it used /etc/slip.* for setup)

I'm gettig frustrated here, I've tried every route that I can think of on
both the sun and my linux box, and I can only see the one sun.


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