Tell me what is bridge mode and half bridge mode of adsl routers

Tell me what is bridge mode and half bridge mode of adsl routers

Post by saeedkha.. » Thu, 30 Mar 2006 20:06:15

I dont know about bridge mode and half bridge mode of adsl routers. Can
you please guide me what exactly it is. I am complete noob. So provide
me a dummy guide.

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Hi all

I've got this Planet 3000 something ADSL Router. Now I've got it set up
to connect to my ISP with a username and password, and doing NAT (it
does DHCP too by default)

Now this is all fine and dandy. The only thing, though, is that it's
connected to only one machine - my linux server - to which a whole lan
is connected.

Now, every time I need to open a port on a client machine I have to log
into the modem and enable "virtual servers" or port forwarding, save
settings, reboot modem. Which is, understandably, annoying! Plus theres
a limit of 20 forwarder ports, and some crash the firmware!

SO i've seen this bridge/half bridge/something mode... where the linux
server gets to do the PPPoE and gets the WAN IP on a linux interface.

I've tried to set this up, by setting various Bridge and Half Bridge
settings and protocols on the modem, but nothing that makes the Linux
box see the modem.

Could anyone familiar with the involved technology briefly give me an
overview of how it works/is supposed to work?

Does the modem get an IP in a setup like this? Does all the traffic get
sent to the modem purely based on its MAC address? Does the interface
the modem is connected on need an IP address?

What is DMZ? Is it a better option? Will it accomplish the same?

Thanks, Teachers!

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