Acessing Print Server Without Static IP

Acessing Print Server Without Static IP

Post by WGra » Thu, 27 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I am very much a newbie at Linux and somewhat at networking, so please be
gentle with me.

I have a Win98SE machine which dual boots to Linux and a Win98 system hooked up
to a cable modem through a hub.  I recently acquired an Intel Netport Pro/100
print server that I have set up for my windows machines to each use for
printing.  The print server is getting its IP from a DHCP server and the router
is the Cable companies router address.

What I want to do is to print to the printer while in Linux.  Everything that I
have read so far intimates that I need to give Linux an IP address in the
configuration files for the printer, etc.  My problem is that since the IP is
dynamic, I can't give Linux one address that will be used at all times.

My question is, what is the easiest and most cost effective way to do this.
Would it be easier to use Samba to log into the Windows side or am I going to
have to go to two nics in each machine and another hub to make my own internal
network?  In either case, I will probably need alot of advice as to how to set
it up.

BTW, I am running Mandrake 6.1 based on Red Hat.

Thanks for your help,

Wendell Gragg


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Hi Linux Networking Gurus!

I got a problem here, I can't seem to solve myself.

I'm just a normal I-Net User with a small LAN at home, and I now want to
connect all my PC's (Win 95/NT, Linux) to the Internet with my normal
Dial-Up Account.

At the moment I'm using MS-Proxy 2.0 (NT Server) to fulfill that task, but
I'm not satisfied with it, because it won't route ICMP Packets.

So I thought about setting up a small Linux Server to "route" my I-Net
transfer, but I do not understand if I now need to buy some static Internet
IP's for my LAN from my ISP or if there is another way (read something
about masquerading.....?) to route TCP, UDP & ICMP Packets.

Please help me.

S. Leuenberger

ps. Ich spreche auch deutsch.....

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