Updated Netscape and ncftp from RedHat, but still having some problems

Updated Netscape and ncftp from RedHat, but still having some problems

Post by Mitchell Maltenfor » Sat, 02 Jan 1999 04:00:00

So far, I can read mail and newsgroup posts and download small files.  I can
also telnet into my host.

What I am still having problems with are:

* downloading large files (both Netscape and ncftp hang)

* posting anything to news or mail (I get Netscape Communications
Exception -1 and do not know what it means)

I've been tinkering with the entry in the SMTP server box in Netscape and
tried 'localhost' and the name of the SMTP server I actually use here in the
Win95 partition.  Nothing works.

What do I have to do?   Modify sendmail?  Get a static IP address?

Thanks in advance.


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I had a very disappointing experience while updating and running RedHat
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When i try to boot at a message comes " cant handle null pointer in kernel
..."and gives a lot of details which I am not able to understand them (it
gives some codes in hexadecimal form). This message also comes while I try
to give any command. But there is no fixed point where this comes.

While I run Xwindows , sometimes it gives error 111 or error 4.

I am having cyrix 233 processor and intel mother board. Linux partition is
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Please help me.


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