Network Unreachable: Help!

Network Unreachable: Help!

Post by Donald Beck » Wed, 29 Apr 1998 04:00:00

>  I am a newcomer to linux.  Just installed RedHat 5.0 on a Dell Dimension PC

Quote:>with a pentium pro proc.  I am having a strange networking problem.  I have
>checked and double checked the network setting with netcfg but I only can get
>networking to work for 2-3 minutes after bootup.  I can telnet succesfully for


>only a short while and then my connection gets cut and the network becomes
>unreachable with all further attempts at reconnection.  I am using a DEC DC
>21041 PCI Ethernet Adapter and my system is connected to the Universities


Turn off 'routed' and 'gated'.
While RedHat has a fixed 'gated', you shouldn't be running it at all.


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1. PCMCIA Network Card - Help! Network unreachable.

Hi!  I'd like a little help, if possible.

I have a pcmcia network card that isn't connecting to the network.


I have the following:

Compaq LTE Elite 4/75 Laptop
2 pcmcia slots
        1 SMC EliteCard PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter
        1 Compaq 19200 Fax/Modem

I just installed the Slackware 3.0 distribution  (kernel 1.2.13)
        bootdsk - net
        rootdsk - pcmcia
        disks A1-5 and N1-4  - hoping to get the rest via the net.

Problem:  Lights on nobody home!  Link light is lit, but I can reach the network.

        Get a few lines to like "SCIOCSIFADDR:  No such device"  

It seems my cardmgr is working, because when I pop the card out, it beeps.
I also see the card services start in the startup scripts.

I've looked at the PCMCIA-HOWTO, but I don't think I need to follow those
instructions, because I should already have the kernel support.


Please Help.  (Please respond via email if answering after 10/9/95 - I'll
        be out of town for a week and the NNTP server will probably have flushed
        the answers by then)

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