Is Exporting Modem from Linux-Server and Import to WIN95-Client possible??

Is Exporting Modem from Linux-Server and Import to WIN95-Client possible??

Post by Stefan Weilhartne » Thu, 02 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I want to set up a Linux-Server with SLIP or PPP - Connection to a ISP
and support the whole Network (a few WIN95 computers) with EMail, WWW,
I think this is possible with configuring the Linux-Server as router.

But on one WIN95-Workstation runs a program that needs a modem.
Is it possible, and how is it possible to export a modem from Linux.
And is it possible, to import this modem from the WIN95-comp.
(this program does not use a TCP/IP-Connection, so I can't route the
 via the Linux-Server.)

I think this is a very delicate problem, but it has to be solved very
So please, if you know a answer please write something to



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