Suse, masquerading and napster...

Suse, masquerading and napster...

Post by Edwin Dorr » Mon, 16 Oct 2000 04:00:00


I have setup a firewall at my office, which is suse 6.1 with a Linux 2.2.5
kernel, setup
as a firewall, router with a direct HDSL line to a good telco. I use
between our office net (10.x.x.x) and the isp site (212.x.x.x) number. With
firewall I can use napster ok. I can download with multiple ppl multiple
at once.

Now at home. I have setup with a ISDN line (I4l) via isp, internal network
and masquerading between the ippp0 device and the internal network. It is
SUSE 6.4
straight out of the box, with the straight out of the box installation
(minimum setup,
with added i4l, ppp and ipchains security package) and straight out of the
kernel. With this setup I can download one file on 1 pc and 1 file on the
pc with napster, but all further (second, third etc.) try to download at
once results in a 'Getting file info' message from napster...

HELP!!! What to look for? I did it ok (by luck) with the office setup, but
I can not repeat it with the new suse 6.4 machine....



1. napster and masquerading


i've installed a masquerading system , running kernel 2.0.36. but
napster doen't really work behind it. i figured out that i have to
redirect incoming connections to my lan machine which is running
i tried a bit around with ipfwadm but didn't succeeded.
can someone send me the command to redirect incoming tcp connections on
ippp0 on port 6699 to ?


jan d



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