diald/popclient problem, probably VFAQ

diald/popclient problem, probably VFAQ

Post by Eric Chan » Sat, 26 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Hi.  I have a problem getting popclient working when diald
is being used.  It works fine when executed from the command
line.  It works fine when it is executed from a shell script.
But, it does not work when called from ip-up.  It does not
even generate any redirectable output.  Note that echo hello

Quote:>temp or the like does work from ip-up, so the script is

indeed being executed.  Also, diald has an ip-up directive
in its configuration file.  This never executes when the
link comes up.  Even the echo trick does not work.

I am using diald 0.14, pppd 2.2.0f, and kernel 2.0.2.

Thanks for any suggestions.  Eric


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Hi -

I have what is probably a very simple problem with diald - I cannot for
the life of me get it to use the ip-up and ip-dowm script options. After
diald makes a connection, no changes in the ipfw rules
according to the firewall.up script are noted. I can run the firewall.up
script manually without a problem. Does anyone know what I might be
missing?? ???

This is what my diald.conf file looks like:

include /usr/lib/diald/standard.filter
# stuff to set up the diald connection
device /dev/modem
speed 115200
mode ppp
# We may get another terminal server, thus use
# 'dynamic' and do not tell PPP the IP number of the other end
# For use with gated, comment out the 'dynamic' option, and
# set remote to be the same as local
pppd-options asyncmap 0
# Delay sending packets for 5 seconds after PPP device opens -
# this allows routes to be established back to the appropriate dialup
up-delay 5
redial-timeout 5
connect /etc/diald/connect
fifo /etc/diald/diald.ctl
ip-up /etc/diald/firewall.up
ip-down /etc/diald/firewall.down

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