PPPD: Stalls then crawls

PPPD: Stalls then crawls

Post by Andy » Sat, 06 Nov 1999 04:00:00

After upgrading from RedHat 5.1 to Mandrake 6.1, my PPP setup
is experiencing a problem.  At some point during a session, I'll hit
a stall (http or ftp).  I can often get communication to resume, but
from then on the throughput will be lousy (less than a tenth of the
normal rate).  Many times the connection will be completely hosed
and it can only be fixed by killing and restarting PPPD.

ifconfig shows the PPP0 to still be operating and errors hover
around 1%.

I believe that the stalls are related to binary transfers, so I've
tried playing with asyncmap and escape options, but with no
Except for the asyncmap and escape options, the following
options file is basically the same as I had running nicely under
RedHat 5.1  Without those options, I get the same behavior.

   asyncmap 0x200a0000
   escape 0x11,0x13
   mtu 576
   mru 576
   lcp-echo-interval 10

Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.

Andy Henshaw


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I have linux kernel 1.2.1, pppd 2.1.2 (from slakware) running
on a 486 system with a 28.8 modemblaster on /dev/ttyS1.  When
I first connect to my ISP, the speed for ftp, telnet, etc. seems to be
ok, but then slowly (within a minutes time) the connection speeds
go bad.  Finally, netscape shows nothing being transferred and
says (stalled) at the bottom.  The strange thing is, ping still
responds with an OK time, but lost a lot of packets.  

I ran netstat -i while this was happening and saw that the RX-ERR column
lost a LOT of packets.  I first set the modem speed to 38400, but I
bumped it down to 19200.  This did not help.  Any ideas, anyone?



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