3COM 3C589C PCMCIA - does it work in Linux?

3COM 3C589C PCMCIA - does it work in Linux?

Post by Mike Kou » Fri, 24 Nov 1995 04:00:00

:>3C589C is not in the list of supported PCMCIA cards by PCMCIA cardprogram.
:>3C589B is.
:>I have got 3C589C and, indeed, it does not work.
:>Does anyone get it worked?
:>Please, send email.

You're doing something wrong. The 3C589C and the 3C589B are identical except
for the cable connectors.  Many people complained of difficulties with the
connectors attaching the "dongle" in the 3C589B to the card, so it was
redesigned, creating the 3C589C. Inside the card, everything is the same.


1. 3Com 3C589C(PCMCIA); linux 1.2.13 not seeing network

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 please cc any replies as e-mail to me directly. thanks.]

I have an IBM Thinkpad 750Ce running linux 1.2.13 that hums along happily
with modem etc. but recently when I put in a 3Com 3C589C PCMCIA network
card, the card was dutifully recognised at bootup (and even when
hotswapped in / out). However, all attempts to talk to the network
resulted in packets being sent but none received.  Does anyone have any
advice on what might be up ?  I've noticed that the little status light on
connector from the card's cable to the network comes on when the driver is
"loaded" and when the machine is shut down but is otherwise off.

Can anyone suggest a solution, short of a kernel upgrade ? I realise the
kernel release is quite old but I'd like to avoid the downtime of feeding
heaps of disks for 2.0 (no CD reader on laptop) and subsequently getting
my setup going again.  (If possible, I'd also like to get this going w/o
getting the source - is the driver run-time loadable rather than requiring
kernel recompilation?)  If people have had success with 2.0 kernels, I'd
love to know and will go through the pain.. ;-)

I thought I saw a question similar to this recently but our news server
has recently cleansed itself.

Thanks for any help,

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