squid again

squid again

Post by Eric Mosl » Fri, 19 Nov 1999 04:00:00


In my last post I said that squid is dying after a start...

Well here is what is in the log files..
Nov 18 11:44:38 mango squid[1100]: Starting Squid Cache version 1.NOVM.21
for i686-pc-linux-gnu...
Nov 18 11:44:39 mango squid[1100]: Ready to serve requests.
Nov 18 11:44:52 mango squid[1100]: WARNING: All 15752 swap files are in
Nov 18 11:44:52 mango squid[1100]:          You should probably use a
lower value for
Nov 18 11:44:52 mango squid[1100]:          'store_avg_object_size' in
Nov 18 11:44:52 mango squid[1100]: WARNING: storeOpenSwapFileRead: bad
Nov 18 11:44:52 mango squid[1100]: WARNING: icpProcessExpired: Swapfile
open failed
Nov 18 11:44:52 mango squid[1100]: storeUnlockObject: bad swap_status

Any ideas?


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