Does Linux support Netgear FA310TX PCI 100Base-TX network card?

Does Linux support Netgear FA310TX PCI 100Base-TX network card?

Post by Need » Wed, 02 Jul 1997 04:00:00

        The subject line just about says it all.  This is the cheapest
PCI 100Base-TX card I have found ($60 or six for $300).  Does Linux
support this network card.

I want to move from 10Base-T to 100Base-TX to speed up apps running
off a Samba network share.  Linux is sutch an efficient OS.  I have a
486DX4-100 16 MB with 5 GB disk space running Linux with Sama sharing
the 5 GB to three (soon to be six) other computers.  This box (using
IP Masquerde) is the gateway for all the other computers.  I could go
on and on, but the real question is:

Does Linux support the Netgear FA310TX PCI 100Base-TX network card?

Thanks in advance,

Bill Shirley


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I am currently using a pcmcia network card - "Rix 100Base-Tx"
and the card come with driver call  - "lnax100.o"
however there is a problem when i try to use it, it's not compiled
under the version of my linux(Slackware 7.0 - 2.2.13)
so, my problem is can i recompile it to a  *.c  file
such as "lnax100.c", and then compile it again under the version
of my linux

thanks for any reply

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