Handling mail for multiple hosts *urgent*

Handling mail for multiple hosts *urgent*

Post by Rajib Rash » Thu, 09 Mar 1995 22:51:33


        I have a friend who is trying to setup local Internet Services in
another country, and currently he connected to the rest of the world via a
leased line from the US (bar.net). The access provider in US has their MX
records setup such that any mail sent to my friend's domain (foo.com) get
handled by bar.net.

        My question is, if some of foo.com's clients wanted their own
domains (say aaa.com), what changes need to be made? Is it going to be
handled by bar.net or foo.com? And what exactly are the steps that have to
be taken?

        This is really urgent, so if anyone has any ideas/suggestions,


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1. Q: Handling large mail loads....how to distribute mail handling??

I've been dealing with relatively reasonable mail loads on an AIX 4.3.2
7025-f50 (3 155MHz processors) machine running sendmail V8.8....2800
and a 2GB /var/spool/mail.  But the days of clean and simple ASCII text
mail are passing and the direct and indirect consequences can be
1) Someone puts a "pretty" graphic in an annoucement email and sends
that 250K file to 1000 users...now I have a 250MB lump in the mail
system.  And that's "legitimate"...
2) A few days ago, I had a clueless user attach a 4MB scanned image (the
text amounted to about 12K....the scanned image including dust specks
was 4MB) file to an email and send it to 1000 users on the mail
machine.  My mailbox filesystem went from 2GB to 6GB...that'sn
unjustifiable....but it happened.  Well, I've been pleasantly surprised
with how nicely the work got distributed over time instead of blocking
everything solid.  
3) The worst load on the mail server lately was a two day degradation of
our T1 line into random noise.  By the time things were finally set to
rights the queued mail in /var/spool/mqueue was substantial and the F50
(usually at 20-30%) was running flat out for 30 minutes to clear it out.

All this is clearly a portent: "richer" mail (video clips, anyone?) and
heavier loads to come....point-and-click mail makes users dangerous!
So......the question: How does one handle really *substantial* loads.
Yes, a hotter machine and hotter NIC card...but that only goes so far.
How do you distribute mail load over more than one machine?  How do you
deal with mail service distributed over multiple machines, file systems
and NICs?


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