BIND 4.9 on linux?

BIND 4.9 on linux?

Post by Thomas N Dylews » Fri, 14 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I am wondering if anybody has successfully compiled and run BIND 4.9 on a
linux box...  Also, does the ninit program in the contrib directory of
the bind source work under linux?

                                        Tom Dylewski


1. bind 4.9.? on Linux 1.0.9

Has anyone managed to get bind 4.9.2 to compile under Linux?  I've been
trying to get it to compile lately, but gcc 2.5.8 complains vehemently
about parse errors in the include files (system include files, located in
/usr/include, not include files in the code itself).

gcc -traditional pacifies it a little bit (only 60 lines of parse errors
rather than >200 lines of parse errors), but still no go.

John Perkins

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